Among Us Hacks – Imposter Kill, Teleport, Speed, Many More [2020]

among us mod apk

Injustice Gods Among Us hack


Among Us Cheats PC + Android + iOS: Click here

Hello guys, Among Us is in trend nowadays (injustice gods among us hack released). Everybody is playing the game. We have already published free hacks for among us. Today we are publishing a new hack. You can use this in-game and win every match. Force Imposter and always imposter only works if you are host.


Make sure you join our discord community for updates. We always update our hacks daily and regularly. You can follow our discord announcements to know about our free hacks updates.
Note: The image above is an old image from christware, and this new mod I just added is Ghostware, it is created from the source of Christware many features have been removed, but there are still very cool features in ghostware, you guys can use it easily, See the updated image for injustice gods among us hack released.


Status: Undetected
Version: 19/10/2020
Developer: Incoheretrage & 7H3LaughingMan
Among Us Cheats PC + Android + iOS: Click here

Among us hack features:

-Force a meeting
-Mark imposters
-Reset disconnection ban time
-Spam chat, and force other players to spam
-Player list displaying impostors, crew members
-Murder all players instantly as an imposter
-Kill any player
-Teleport to any player
-Force a vote on any player
-Kick players
-Complete All Tasks








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